Chamomile, sage, peppermint and herbs 

For thousands of years we have known the scent of the herbs, the pleasant feeling that emanates from them and above all their healing power. 

The Madonna Pharmacy with its more than 500 years old tradition has a knowledge of medicinal herbs that is unique in Europe. Here you will find our own teas for all kinds of complaints, from coughing to prostate disease. We also put together highly effective herbal mixtures for you and manufacture ointments, creams or lotions according to proven recipes and gently by hand.

House specialities

Do you have bladder problems?

Can't you fall asleep? 

Would you like to activate your metabolism? 

We will be happy to put together an individual tea blend for you. 


Experience how good the "little balls" are for you. 

Bring your children with you when everyday problems slow down their thirst for action. 

Ask us for gentle healing methods. 

The gentle healing power of Mother Nature

Homeopathy is the mother of pharmacy and the origin of our pharmacies. Their lasting good effect is undisputed. Many of our formulations are therefore based on plants or homeopathy.

Our special services include our own production of globules and homeopathic drops. All potencies are shaken by hand. In order to guarantee first-class quality, we use only natural extracts and have our laboratory checked regularly.

Especially popular among our house specialities is the English miracle balm, an (alcoholic) extract from various herbs. It is a proven household remedy for flatulence, loss of appetite, indigestion and stomach pain. 

The miracle balm brings relief after sumptuous and difficult to digest dishes. Externally it can be used for gingivitis and superficial wounds. This balm is individually produced and bottled according to a traditional recipe.

May we help you?

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Naturopathy and Homeopathy




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